Past conferences

3rd Annual St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory

“Political Responsibility”

Hosted by the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews


Thursday, 28 May 2015

13:00-14:30    Keynote Address: Emeritus Professor John Dunn, University of Cambridge

  • Chair: Dr Gabriella Slomp

14:30-15:15    Coffee & Registration

15:15-16:45    Panel I: Problematising Responsibility

  • Chair: Professor Anthony Lang
  • Discussant: Christopher Peys
  • Paula Zoido (London School of Economics):

Bernard Williams, John Rawls and Isaiah Berlin: a proposal for transcending the conflicting claims of moral and political responsibility in contemporary liberalism

  • Andreas Peter (Ludwigs-Maximilians University, Munich):

Walking under the Eyes of the People: Reflections on Responsibility, Visibility and Authority

  • Christian Pfenninger (University of Westminster):

Anarchist Ethics and Agonistic Spatiality: Political Responsibility beyond the Pluriverse

17:00-18:30    Panel II: Rights and Responsibility

  • Chair: Dr Maximilian Jaede
  • Discussant: Hannah Partis-Jennings
  • Gavin Morrison (Trinity College Dublin):

Human Rights and Human Dignity: A Non-Political Justification

  • Jack O. Griffiths (University of Exeter):

Capability, Freedom, and Life: Towards a Metaphysics of Capability as a Conception of Freedom

  • Christine Susienka (Columbia University)

“It’s My Right!”: Invoking Rights in Personal Relationships and Political Contexts

19:00-21:00    Conference Dinner


Friday, 29 May 2015

9:00-11:00      Panel III: Contemporary Issues of Responsibility

  • Chair: Professor Nick Rengger
  • Discussant: Helga Hafliðadóttir
  • Marisha Tardif (Aberystwyth University):

Common but Divided Meanings: An Investigation into the Idea of International Responsibility

  • Rosemary Durward (King’s College London):

The problem of responsibility in a ‘responsibility to protect’: a theological perspective

  • Sissela Matzner (University of Edinburgh):

Political actors and humanitarian intervention: a question of responsibility?

  • Ben Murphy (University of Liverpool)

Between Responsibility and Accountability: Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes and the United Nations Security Council

11:00-11:30    Coffee

11:30-13:00    Panel IV: Questioning the Grounds of Responsibility

  • Chair: Dr Gabriella Slomp
  • Discussant: Natasha Saunders
  • Simon Lambek (University of Toronto):

Good Judgment, Responsibility and the Importance of Dissonance

  • Adam Lindsay (University of Nottingham):

Arendt, Responsibility and Constitutional Foundation, or: How to restart time within an inexorable time continuum

  • Rachelle Bascara (Birkbeck College)

Responsibility for Oppression

13:00-14:00    Lunch

14:00-15:00    Publishing Workshop

  • Professor Patrick Hayden, University of St Andrews (also chairing)
  • Michelle Houston, Edinburgh University Press

15:15-16:45    Panel V: Ethics of Responsibility

  • Chair: Professor Patrick Hayden
  • Discussant: François Sarah
  • Ruairidh J. Brown (University of St Andrews):

The Limits of Responsibility: A reflection through Kierkegaard on the Existential Ethics of Responsibility

  • Ella Carpenter Street (University of Toronto):

Tragic Responsibility: Democratic Judgment at the Theatre and in the Courts of Democratic Athens

  • King-Ho Leung (University of Nottingham):

‘Responsibility’: Command or Habit? The Logics of Preservation and Perfection in Natural Law Theories

16:45-17:00    Concluding remarks: Professor Patrick Hayden



2nd St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory: Political Evil

Hosted by the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews

Sponsored by the BISA working group in Contemporary International Political Theory (CRIPT)

Thursday, 22 May 2014

12.15-1.15pm       Registration and lunch

1.15-2.15pm    Panel 1: The ambiguity of political evil: in-between morality and politics

  • Chair: Dr Gabriella Slomp (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Max Jaede (St Andrews)
  • Dr Marios Filis (Exeter): The Inner Connection Between Politics and Morality: The Conflict between the Private, the Public and the Political

2.30-4.00pm     Panel 2: Postmetaphysical conceptions of political evil

  • Chair: Dr Gabriella Slomp (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Maša Mrovlje (St Andrews)
  • Špela Močnik (Sussex): (En)Countering evil: Primo Levi’s postmetaphysical thinking
  • Jack Palmer (Leeds): Locating evil, ‘solid modern’ and ‘liquid-modern’: exploring the moral sociology of Zygmunt Bauman

4.00-4.30pm    Coffee break

4.30-6.00pm    Keynote address

  • Chair: Natasha Saunders (St Andrews)
  • Professor Patrick Hayden (St Andrews): “Evil, Genocide and the Limits of Recognition: Exploring the Neglected Role of World”

6.30pm    Conference dinner

Friday, 23rd May 2014

10.00-11.30am     Panel 3: Religious underpinnings to thinking evil

  • Chair: Dr Vassilis Paipais (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: John-Harmen Valk (St Andrews)
  • Dr Lucas Freire (OBSERVARE, Portugal): Oaths, Curses and Evil in the International Relations of the Ancient Near East
  • Alastair Emmett (Bristol): Niebuhr and the origins of evil in early IR

11.30-12.00am     Coffee break

12.00-1.30pm     Panel 4: Banality of evil

  • Chair: Prof Patrick Hayden (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Chris Peys (St Andrews)
  • Luke Neal (Birmingham): The Banality of Evil and Deficiencies of Speech
  • Mary Shiraef (Emory): Unthinking Evil in Democracy: Arendt and Tocqueville on the Dangers of Anti-intellectualism

1.30-2.30pm     Lunch break

2.30-4.00pm     Panel 5: Responding to political evil: justice, revenge, forgiveness

  • Chair: Max Jaede (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Andreas Papamichail (St Andrews)
  • Claire Vergerio (Oxford): The Changing Face of the Universal Foe: Reconsidering the Conventional Tale of the ‘Enemy of Mankind’
  • Chris Peys (St Andrews): Political Evil and the Hegemonic Rule of Revenge: Analyzing Revenge and Forgiveness through a Gramscian Lens

4.00-4.15pm    Concluding remarks

The Conference venue is Castlecliffe (School of Economics & Finance), room F2, The Scores.

Organising team: Maximilian Jaede, Maša Mrovlje, Chris Peys, and Natasha Saunders


1st St Andrews Graduate Conference in International Political Theory

Hosted by the School of International Relations, University of St Andrews

Sponsored by the BISA working group in Contemporary International Political Theory (CRIPT)

Monday, 10th June 2013

11-11.30am    Registration

11.30am-1pm    Panel 1: Reconsiderations of the political

  • Chair: Dr Gabriella Slomp (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Bernardo Teles Fazendeiro (St Andrews)
  • David Ragazzoni (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa): Relocating ‘the political’: Carl Schmitt and the reassessment of international political theory at the dawn of the jus publicum Europaeum
  • James Wakefield (Cardiff): The internal state and international politics: one case for post-Westphalian idealism

1-2.30pm    Lunch break

2.30-4pm    Panel 2: Issues of identity and otherness

  • Chair: Prof. Patrick Hayden (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Natasha Saunders (St Andrews)
  • Noirin MacNamara (Queen’s University Belfast): Judith Butler and responsibility in global politics
  • Martin Deleixhe (Universite Libre de Bruxelles): Kant’s right to hospitality reinterpreted as a right to an integration process

4-4.30pm    Refreshments

4.30-6.30pm    Keynote address

  • Prof. David Boucher (Cardiff): Raw and Cooked Savages: the background theory of colonialism and its modern legacy
  • Chair: Max Jaede (St Andrews)

7pm    Conference dinner

Tuesday, 11th June 2013

10-12am    Panel 3: Global constitutionalism and international law

  • Chair: Prof. Nicholas Rengger (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Muhammad Ashfaq (St Andrews)
  • Signe Blaabjerg Christoffersen (Copenhagen): Accountability Rediscovered: towards a multifaceted understanding of accountability
  • Markus Patberg (TU Darmstadt/UCL): Constituent power and the democratic legitimacy of institution-building in the global realm
  • Nele Kortendiek (Centre for Global Cooperation Research, Duisburg): Democratising global social justice: a discourse-theoretical approach to transnational distributive justice and democracy
  • Davide Orsi (Cardiff): Customary international law and the jus in law: some considerations from Michael Oakeshott’s theory of civil association

12-1pm    Lunch break

1-2.30pm    Panel 4: Issues of transitional justice

  • Chair: Prof. Patrick Hayden (St Andrews)
  • Discussant: Maša Mrovlje (St Andrews)
  • Jesper Lærke Pedersen (Durham): Colonialism and special duties of redress
  • Josh Bowsher (Nottingham): Staging the Post-Apartheid State: Post-conflict nationhood as the pedagogical narrative and performative iterations of truth and reconciliation

2.30-2.45pm    Closing remarks

  • Prof. Nicholas Rengger (St Andrews)

2.45pm    Refreshments

Organising team 2013: Maša Mrovlje, Maximilian Jaede, Natasha Saunders